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Food for Life!

Our agency is dedicating our inaugural community campaign to allow us the opportunity help deliver food to starving children around the world while motivating our community members to take part.

According to the UN hunger report:

– World Hunger is on a rise (there has been a significant increase from 2015-2016

– Approximately one in every nine people on earth do not have enough nourishment to lead a healthy life.

– Stunting (chronic malnourishment) affects approximately one in every four children under the age of 5 worldwide

***“Stunting greatly increases the risk of impaired cognitive ability, weakened performance in school (and /or work), and death from infectious illnesses”

Global conflicts and tensions, economic crisis, and climate change has been one of the main factors in the increase in world hunger.

Source: UN Hunger Report

As an agency, we believe that together we can make a positive contribution and tackle the hard issues that surround hunger. Our goal is to support those who are lacking the most basic of needs by supporting initiatives that will provide hungry pupils with the nourishment to fuel their health and the hope to power their future.

We invite YOU to take part today! We even offer to donate $10 on your behalf for each person you send to our way for a free policy review or quote.


To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE