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The Right to Food

Did you know that approximately 370,00 children struggle with hunger every day in Arizona? That means many families right here in town are facing the extremely difficult task of providing food for their loved ones! Our goal here is to offer the necessary provisional response to children who are going hungry in our community and in other places.

Poor urban communities are the ones who are most at-risk for food insecurity. This is due to the fact that not only do they have to surpass the socio-economic barrier of purchasing food itself, but they also struggle with limited geographic access to lower-cost food retailers and big-box stores. Join us as we hope to promote charity and/or government programs that help to bridge the nutritional gap.

As an agency, we believe that together we can make a positive contribution and tackle the hard issues that surround hunger. Our goal is to support those who are lacking the most basic of needs by supporting initiatives that will provide hungry pupils with the nourishment to fuel their health and the hope to power their future.

We invite YOU to take part today! We even offer to donate $10 on your behalf for each person you send to our way for a free policy review or quote.